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Set out in a natural environment surrounded by trees and bushes in Otahuhu, Auckland, Tipu Montessori offers a programme where every child is actively involved in the learning process.

Our dedicated and well qualified teachers from varying cultural backgrounds add value to the Montessori Curriculum by providing rich and stimulating hands on experiences to the children. The teachers listen, guide and encourage individual child’s interests by providing them with information at a pace responsive to their learning readiness. Teachers promote self-discovery and our children respond through active participation and cooperation.

Early childhood is a time of innocent discoveries and our curriculum provide the children with nurturing and challenging experiences. We maintain high standards in delivering our curriculum without making demands on children and their learning process.

We are committed to nurturing a future generation who believe in social harmony and individuals who understand the importance of responsive and reciprocal relationships

“Each of us has not always been a grown-up person. It was the child who instructed our personality” – Dr Maria Montessori


Our boys absolutely love your Montessori, they love all their teachers, friends, the routine. You have all taught them SO MUCH and as I have said in the past your centre is the only one that always has a sense of calm. All the children are so respectful to each other. All the teachers are so respectful to the children, and vice versa. I am sure there are tears and tantrums sometimes, but I’ve never seen any child absolutely beside themselves, or throwing tantrums or even a glimmer of unhappiness.

The personal greeting to every child as they arrive in the morning really is a lovely touch. Children really need to feel welcome and included when they arrive, and by greeting the way as you do, just puts the kids at ease.

The way the boys conduct themselves at home is almost a direct reflection of what they learn at Montessori. They are always tidying up after themselves. They must do everything themselves- and learn from what may go wrong. The boys don’t need to be asked ever, and if they spot any dust or dirt on the floor they’re quick to get the dustpan! Hilarious.

Sorry to ramble on, but I really wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done for our boys and our family. I always speak highly of your centre to anyone who asks about the boys.

Thank you

Rini & Roger Hansen.

Tipu Montessori promotes communication and relationships with diverse families through an open door policy, notice board, monthly newsletters, a new interactive website, and the intentional placement of a teacher at the door to greet parents during drop-off and pick-up. The office is always attended to so that parents can also contact staff by telephone during school hours.

I particularly appreciate the respectful manner in which teachers communicate with children, families and fellow staff members.  It would seem that respect should be mandatory for all childcare providers, but my experience has shown me that it isn’t always easy for people to do in practice. Past experiences have shown me that although staff treat children and parents with respect, they do not always treat colleagues with the same respect. The extent of team work, mutual understanding and respect amongst the team at Tipu Montessori is admirable. I admire how each teacher uses their individual strengths and how they work together for the better of the whole. Montessori encourages all to do what is kind, respectful and necessary.     

Interactions with children are intended to build up their confidence, self respect, and independence as they learn to do things for themselves. Mat time is one aspect of the daily routine that I thoroughly enjoy. Children are given ample opportunities to express their thoughts in a safe, unhurried environment with people they grow to trust. Children learn to sustain attention, concentration and patience while extending grace and understanding to others. The thoughtful selection of songs reflects the diverse cultures of children and their families.

Through concrete sensorial experiences Montessori encourages children to acquire a world view, starting with self, family, community and the wider world. The curriculum is divided into five areas - Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Maths and Cultural. Montessori resources promote acquisition of concepts and skills using at least two or more of the child’s senses. Adult intervention includes modeling desired behavior, proper use of resources, emotional support, encouragement, and introduction of vocabulary that extends understanding. Although the adult role is key, scaffolding allows children to grow from dependant, to interdependent, to independent. One key aspect I believe that makes Tipu Montessori effective in educating young children is the unhurried environment that they have created. This allows children to learn, practice and master skills and deepen understanding. 

The Tuakana-Teina aspect of the centre encourages relationships that foster leadership. Older children are proud to help younger/new children to settle, learn routines and necessary skills as part of a contributing member of Tipu Montessori. Older children often model use of resources to those who are new to Montessori including myself. I certainly learned a lot from these amazing little beings during my two week observation. For that I am very grateful. I know that Tipu Montessori will continue to produce respectful, thoughtful, curious young children who are equipped with the skills to be lifelong learners and valued citizens of the world. "

Sapphire Hall