Tuakana Teachers

Belinda Pillay | Tuakana Teacher

Leela Beeramathy

Tuakana Coodinator

Early Childhood in Montessori - London Montessori Centre

Hello and greetings!

My name is Leela. I'm from Malaysia and been living in New Zealand for 8 years. I've been in the education industry for 19 years and it's been truly and amazing journey.

I'm looking forward to continue to inspire our young minds and working in a beautiful team  environmnet at Tipu Montessori. 

Jing | Teina Teacher

Jingwen He

Tuakana Teacher

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Montessori Childhood Teaching)

Hi I am Jing. I graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Montessori Childhood Teaching). I have had teaching experiences with both 0-3 and 3-6 age groups. I believe that children are our future, and early years are very important for the later life. My philosophy is to follow the children, teach them do things by themselves, and also help them acquire skills of grace and courtesy. I am aiming to provide a safe and warm environment for the children, to promote their well-being and feeling of belonging, and also use my teaching skills to promote their independence. 





Tuakana Teacher/Centre Manger

Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Montessori, Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Hello/Kia ora

I am Malika De Silva, Centre Manager/Owner of Tipu Montessori. I am fortunate to be among a team of dedicated and passionate teaching professionals and to serve a community that appreciates and values the education we provide.

In my long career as a Montessori teacher I have had the privilege of teaching both toddlers and pre-schoolers. I also taught at Primary level as a Resource teacher and had the opportunity to manage a Montessori Centre in the past. I am originally from Sri Lanka and my husband’s career took us to Jamaica in the West Indies where I began my professional journey. We have a grown up son who began his early education as a Montessori toddler.

As educators our duty is to respect children’s individual strengths and provide them the freedom of choice in their work/play. Our responsibility is to support and promote their love of learning. I believe that the greatest gift an educator can receive from a child is his/her trust.

At Tipu Montessori we place great importance at building relationships with parents and whanau.