Teina Teachers


Teina coordinator/Admin

Diploma in Montessori Teaching Philosophy
Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism, majoring in Communication
Diploma in Public Relations 

Hi, my name is Folashade Dorcas Olabiyi (Shade). I am originally from Nigeria in West Africa, but moved to New Zealand in August 2011 after working in the United States of America in a Montessori School.

I have a Diploma in Montessori Teaching Philosophy for infants and toddlers. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism, majoring in Communication and a diploma in Public Relations. I am a dedicated child advocate and guide. I believe in teamwork geared towards empowering the children through delivering a holistic education and enhancing children’s love for learning.

Jing | Teina Teacher

Manuela Trujillo Llano 

Teina Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), Bachelor of Communication,

Graduate Certificate in Arts (Education) focused on Montessori pedagogy. 

Hola, my name is Manuela and I come from Colombia, a beautiful Spanish speaking country. I am the eldest of three siblings and my parents and siblings live in my home country. I have been living in New Zealand for almost ten years, and I have a partner who is from Brazil. We both feel that New Zealand is our home and we feel so thankful and fortunate for having the opportunity to live in this fantastic country.

I am a qualified and registered educator, and I really enjoy learning alongside young children. I find Montessori philosophy as a life philosophy beyond an educational pedagogy, and I love knowing that Montessori philosophy is about finding ourselves in the universe, being grateful for each aspect that life brings to us daily, and growing as integral human beings who look for social justice and a peaceful world at every moment of our lives. 

I enjoy the sensitivity to children’s individual needs, organisation, discipline, concentration, independence, freedom within boundaries, meaningfulness, and gratitude needed to develop and succeed in a Montessori learning environment. I love following the Montessori approach, learning more about it, and exploring it alongside the children and their families. 

Sunhui | Teina Teacher

Lashika Fonseka

Teina Teacher

Diploma in Montessori Method of Teaching

Ayubowan, my name is Lashika Fonseka. I am from the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka. I am an  AMI Montessori  teacher and I graduated from Colombo Montessori Teacher Training Centre (American Montessori Internal). I have gained my teaching experience by working in several Montessori schools. I take pride in teaching children and enabling them to reach greater heights in their later lives. I believe that stimulating their creativity at a tender age will help them become innovative adults. I am delighted to be a part of the Tipu Team.